As a survivor of childhood abuse I’m often asked why I don’t speak out more about the people who abused me. I would gladly shout everything from the rooftops but in writing my first book i discovered that there are a number of very complex issues around that. I would assume that most of the people who abused me are likely to be dead now but only recently I have become very aware of a perpetrator from my past. I identified this person to the Gardí many years ago and I had hoped to pursue that but circumstances may prevent me from doing it now. As survivors we always have the right to speak our truth but as caring and compassionate human beings we are often hesitant when we stop to think about all the innocent people involved. Today, I am very fortunate to have survived and to have thrived but once again I am reminded that even within my world of love, compassion and positively the history of what I endured as a child can always rear its ugly face . As happy functioning survivors we all must do what we need to do to protect ourselves and our families and even the families of our abusers.