Story Of My Book So Far

Apr 1, 2019

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Official video from the book launch for Grace Saved A Wretch Like Me

Filmed at Rosnowlagh Beach and voiced by me.

    Apr 15, 2019

    A Novel Idea, Ballyshannon

    First Book shop to stock my book

    Thanks to A Novel Idea in Ballyshannon for being the first book shop to stock Grace Saved a wretch like me.

    April 2014

    Donegal Democrat Interview

    Interview by Sue Doherty

    TV Interview May 2014

    Interview on National Irish Television TV AM

    September 2020

    Donegal Democrat Interview

    Michelle Ni Phaidin….. Journalist

    Family & Friends

    My mum is, without exception, the strongest person I know.
    Over the years mum & I have spoken extensively about my
    experiences of sexual abuse as a child but this is the first time
    that she is seeing my words in print. She did not want to read
    the draft, before it went into book form, saying that she would
    be happy to read it after it was published. That, in itself shows
    the amazing woman she is.
    My work is almost exclusively focused on childhood trauma
    and my own experiences do in some ways influence that. But
    it is my level of recovery and healing that influences my work
    the most and that comes from the love and support that I have
    always had from my mum. Most people would agree that
    enduring this kind of abuse is the most horrific thing that any
    child should have to experience and of course they are right.
    But for someone to discover that their child has been sexually
    abused is every mother’s nightmare, and I can never imagine
    how painful that is for her. My mum has and continues to be
    by my side on my life journey and without her I would not
    have made it this far. My book is dedicated to her as a small
    token of my gratitude.

    My Mother reading my book

    April 2014

    White Oaks Rehabilitation Centre

    My journey of recovery signified so many endings as well as many beginnings. The end of aloneness, hopelessness, apathy,
    and fear. The beginning of ease, self-worth, purpose, and gratitude. On numerous occasions I have had the privilege of returning to White Oaks Rehabilitation Centre to share my journey with the people who are just embarking on theirs. I value the opportunity to go back to where my recovery began, not to remind me of where I was at but to allow me to see how far I have come.

    White Oaks Rehabilitation Centre


    I am living proof of the truly amazing work they do in White Oaks. I was 42 years old when I went into rehab and up to that point in my life, I had not known real peace. As a result of childhood sexual abuse, I was in constant physical unease and psychological pain. I now celebrate each day of my life feeling the love and support of my family and friends, free from the chains of the trauma and addiction that was ruling my life. I am of course, only one of many who have entirely changed their lives as a result of the fabulous work they do there. My ability to go forward with my book and my work is a constant testimony to the level of care and professionalism of the counsellors and other staff there. But there is something more about White Oaks that makes it so successful and that is the tangible sense of spirituality within its walls. My dear friend Mae used to say that she “loved the walls of the place”. Everyone of us who have been fortunate enough to experience the uniqueness of this very
    special place agrees with her

    My dear friend Mae

    December 2020

    RTE National Radio

    Live Line with Joe Duffy

    Interview with Niall Delaney

    Listen to interview here

    Interview on Ocean FM Radio

    September 2020

    Highland Radio Interview

    Interview by Greg Hughes

    Interview with Claire Ronan

    “Joining me this morning is Arylene Murphy to share her extraordinary life story. This is a story of tragedy, abuse, pain and addiction but most importantly hope and love OceanFM Ireland · Up and Running…”


    Interview on National Radio Ocean FM

    September 2020

    Sold Out Book Launch Ballyshannon

    A Novel Idea Book Signing Coverage by Donegal Online

    Some places my book has been bought.